Paneer Maggi Recipes Varieties Noodles

Panner Maggi Recipes Varieties Noodles :I am going to share how to make paneer maggi recipes and maggi varieties noodles. you can make it easy at your home just follow below given process

Paneer Maggi Recipes

paneer maggi recipes for making

Ingredients For Make Paneer Maggi Noodles

  • Maggi noodles = 1 Packet
  • Paneer = 1 cup with cut into cubes
  • Capsicum = 1 with thinly sliced
  • Pepper powder = 1 TSP
  • Salt = As Per Quantity
  • Oil = 1 TBSP

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Process For Making Paneer Maggi Noodles

First You Should Follow Instructions of the maggi Packets. Add salt and the tastemaker provided in the Maggi packet.
Heat oil in a pan after add the capsicum after wait 2mins
Add the paneer cubes and mix 2mins till get brown colour
Switch off the flame and add paneer mixture to the Maggi. mix all and wait few it will be complete

How to Make Paneer Maggi RecipesĀ 


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