Chicken Maggi Noodles varieties Recipes

Hai Friends Now I am Going to Share How to Make Chicken Maggi Noodles Recipes Maggi is One of the good fast food . we can make it within 2 mins.

most of the peoples are making maggi noodles for breakfast purpose. chicken maggi noodles getting good taste we update step by step process for how to make chicken maggi recipes from homemade this one is verieties chicken maggi noodles for peoples who want to chicken maggi noodles

Chicken Maggi  Noodles Recipes :

Here We Are Explain Chiken Maggi Noodles  it will be very good taste for breakfast purpose. this maggi recipes will be help for who are searching for how to make maggi noodles

maggi recipesAfter Completed Chicken Maggi Noodles Looks Like Above Image. its very taste food. once habbit this one you can’t forgot again. as per my experience we will update this article about chicken maggi recipes

Ingredients For Make Chicken Maggi Recipes :

Maggi = 1 packet
Leftover chicken or chicken sausages = 1 cup
Onion = 1 (chopped)
Ginger-garlic paste =  One Tea Spoon
Salt = As Per Quanitity
Oil =  As Per Quantity

Process For Making Chicken Maggi Noodles 


  • First We Have to Follow Instructions Of the Maggi packet.
  • you have to Take Bowl
  • take chicken in the bowl
  • mix the chilly powder and lemon Water ,turmeric powder ,
  • after take the oil in the pan [as per Quantity]
  • put the pan on stove
  • pour chopped onions in the oil
  • added garlic
  • after added the all wait for boil
  • after added the chicken and boil it
  • after boil the chicken with all
  • add the solt as per quantity

If you have any doubts for making chicken maggi noodles recipes contact us below commenting box my team will reply and help for who are facing problems for preparing maggi chicken recipes

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