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Maggi recipes :Hai Friends Now I am Going to Share How to Make Chicken Maggi Noodles Recipes Maggi is One of the good fast food . we can make it within 2 mins. most of the peoples are making maggi noodles for breakfast purpose. chicken maggi noodles getting good taste we update step by step process for how to make chicken maggi recipes from homemade this one is verieties chicken maggi noodles for peoples who want to chicken maggi noodles

Paneer Maggi Recipes

Maggi Noodles recipes

How to Make Maggi Recipes and Noodles

here you can know all maggi recipes and how to make maggi recipes. if you have any doubts for making maggi recipes contact us in below comment box as soon as possible we will slove your doubts making all maggi noodle recipes

Chicken Maggi  Noodles Recipes :

here you can know about chicken maggi noodles recipes for self making. it is very easy for making maggi recipes
maggi recipes

Here We Are Explain Chiken Maggi Noodles  it will be very good taste for breakfast purpose. this maggi recipes will be help for who are searching for how to make maggi noodles

After Completed Chicken Maggi Noodles Looks Like Above Image. its very taste food. once habbit this one you can’t forgot again. as per my experience we will update this article about chicken maggi recipes

maggi recipes hindi

Ingredients For Make Chicken Maggi Recipes :

Maggi = 1 packet
Leftover chicken or chicken sausages = 1 cup
Onion = 1 (chopped)
Ginger-garlic paste =  One Tea Spoon
Salt = As Per Quanitity
Oil =  As Per Quantity

Process For Making Chicken Maggi Noodles 

  • First We Have to Follow Instructions Of the Maggi packet.
  • you have to Take Bowl
  • take chicken in the bowl
  • mix the chilly powder and lemon Water ,turmeric powder ,
  • after take the oil in the pan [as per Quantity]
  • put the pan on stove
  • pour chopped onions in the oil
  • added garlic
  • after added the all wait for boil
  • after added the chicken and boil it
  • after boil the chicken with all
  • add the solt as per quantity

If you have any doubts for making chicken maggi noodles recipes contact us below commenting box my team will reply and help for who are facing problems for preparing maggi chicken recipes


Chilli Maggi Noodles Recipes

Hai Friends I am going to share maggi recipes varieties from maagi  it is easy way to make chilli maggi recipes. just follow given process you can make chilli maggi recipes within few mins

Chilli magi Recipes

Ingredients For Chilli Maggi Noodles Recipes  : 

Maggi = 1 packet
Onion = 1 with sliced
Capsicum = 1 with chopped
Tomato = 1 with chopped
Garlic = 3-4 with chopped
Green chillies =6-7 with slit
Soy sauce = 1tbsp
Tomato =2tbsp
Chilli =1tbsp
Cornflour = 1 tea spoon
Salt= as per taste
Pepper = 1tsp (optional)
Oil – As Per Quantity

Process For Making Chilli Maggi Noodles




Paneer Maggi Recipes

Panner Maggi Recipes Varieties Noodles :I am going to share how to make paneer maggi recipes and maggi varieties noodles. you can make it easy at your home just follow below given process

paneer maggi recipes for making

Ingredients For Make Paneer Maggi Noodles

  • Maggi noodles = 1 Packet
  • Paneer = 1 cup with cut into cubes
  • Capsicum = 1 with thinly sliced
  • Pepper powder = 1 TSP
  • Salt = As Per Quantity
  • Oil = 1 TBSP

Process For Making Paneer Maggi Noodles

First You Should Follow Instructions of the maggi Packets. Add salt and the tastemaker provided in the Maggi packet.
Heat oil in a pan after add the capsicum after wait 2mins
Add the paneer cubes and mix 2mins till get brown colour
Switch off the flame and add paneer mixture to the Maggi. mix all and wait few it will be complete

How to Make Paneer Maggi Recipes 

chilli maggi recipes


Lemon Maggi Noodles

Lemon Maggi Recipes Vareties Noodles : Here I am going to share how to make lemon maggi noodles varieties noodles for all type of ages. lemon maggi noodles is a good for health we can use this recipe for breakfast and lunch purpose.

here we provided step by step process for how to make maggi varieties recipes for make it easy. if you have any doubt contact us in below given commenting box.

lemon maggi noodles recipes

Ingredients For Lemon Maggi  Noodles :

Curry leaves = 1 Twig
Moong dal = 1 TSP
Mustard seeds = One TSP
Jeera (cumin seeds) = One TSP
Turmeric powder = One TSP
Salt = as per quantity
Coriander leaves = for garnish
Oil = As Per Quantity

Maggi noodles =1 packet (without the tastemaker)
Onion =  chopped as per quantity
Tomato = chopped as per quantity
Green chillies =  chopped as per quantity
Ginger = chopped as per quantity
Garlic = 3-4  chopped as per quantity
Lemon = 1

if you have any doubts go to this links maggi recipes 2018

Cherry Tomato and Preserved Lemon Salad Recipes

Process For Making Lemon Maggi Noodles 

  • Boil Maggi As Per Instructions on the Maggi Packet.  Don’t use the Tastemaker here.
  • take oil in pan and add jeera mustard seeds , add moong dal , add  onions and add chopped ginger , add garlic , mix all unti boil
  • add tomatio add the green chillies and turmeric powder  also add salt.
  • after mix the boiled maggi noodles
  • after will be complete

Maggi is one of the favorite recipes for all ages peoples. children’s has a very interesting for eating maggi noodles

Hai Friends Now I am going to share how to make Maggi Noodles Spring Rolls recipes every one want to try different i hope this one very help for who want to make spring rolls maggi noodles at home. you can make veggetti recipes from this website

 Spring Rolls Maggi Noodles

Maggi Noodles Spring RollsIngredients For Make Maggi Noodles Spring Rolls

  • shredded cabbage = 1/4 Cup
  • capsicum cut lengthwise =1/2 cup
  • spring onion cut lengthwise = 1
  • french beans cross cut = 4-5
  • tomato sauce – 1 Cup
  • tablespoon oil – 1
  • Teaspoon ginger chilli paste – 1/2
  • Teaspoon chaat masala – 1
  • salt – as per taster
  • tabasco or capisco sauce
  • palain flour paste

Process For Making Maggi Noodles Spring Rolls

Follow Instructions on the maggi packet take oil and heat with flame. saute capiscum and french beans for 3minutes in the oil. add maggi noodles also added water and let the mixture boil. add the taste maker , add ginger chilli paster , chaat masala , add tomatio ketchup , add shredded cabbage add spring onions, add salt as per quantity , and mix all as well.

How to Make Spring Rolls maggi Noodles

Maggi Recipes in Hindi

Ingredients : 

  • करी पत्तियों = 1 टहलना
  • मूंग दाल = 1 टीएसपी
  • सरसों के बीज = एक टीएसपी
  • जीरा (जीरा) = एक टीएसपी
  • हल्दी पाउडर = एक टीएसपी
  • नमक = मात्रा के अनुसार
  • धनिया पत्ती = गार्निश के लिए
  • तेल = प्रति मात्रा के रूप में
  • मैगी नूडल्स = 1 पैकेट (टेस्टमेकर के बिना)
  • प्याज = मात्रा के अनुसार कटा हुआ
  • टमाटर = मात्रा के अनुसार कटा हुआ
  • हरे मिर्च = मात्रा के अनुसार कटा हुआ
  • अदरक = मात्रा के अनुसार कटा हुआ
  • लहसुन = 3-4 मात्रा के अनुसार कटा हुआ
  • नींबू = 1

How to Make Maggi Recipes In Hindi

Maggi पैकेट पर निर्देश के अनुसार मैगी को उबाल लें यहां टेस्टमेकर का उपयोग न करें
पैन में तेल लें और जीरा सरसों के बीज जोड़ें, मूंग डालना जोड़ें, प्याज जोड़ें और अदरक डालकर, लहसुन डालिये, सभी उबले फोड़े को मिला लें
टमाटियों को जोड़ने से हरी मिर्च और हल्दी पाउडर भी नमक डालते हैं।
उबला हुआ मैगी नूडल्स मिश्रण करने के बाद
के बाद पूरा हो जाएगा
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